Match Report (DRC Hanover @ Away)

RFC Paderborn traveled up to Hanover for their 2nd fixture in the 2 Bundesliga North. The  oppersition  for the day was DRC Hanover (Deutscher Rugby Club). Once again an unknown oppersition for RFC Paderborn. The weather was perfect for rugby with sun and some patches of cloud. The ground conditions were soft under foot.

The game kicked off exactly at 1500 hrs. The first few minutes of the game saw Paderborn being very dominate which lead to an early penalty to Paderborn. However Dennis Bartdorf was not able to turn them into points. However, DRC Hanover soon replied. With a lasp in Paderborn’s defense gave DRC Hanover a chance to get the first try of the match at 12 minutes into the game. DRC Hanover unable to convert.

RFC Paderborn soon got back into the game with Meirion Parsons scoring Paderborn’s first try of the day at the 17th minute. Josh Ferguson was unable to convert. The game became pretty even with both DRC Hanover and RFC Paderborn giving away many penalties. However the deadlock was soon broken with DRC Hanover giving penalty away to Paderborn within kicking distance. Josh Fergusion was able to get the kick over the posts at the 32 minute mark. Half time was soon approaching and a flaw from Paderborn with a forward pass meant halftime was called.

Half time score. DRC Hanover 8 – 8  RFC Paderborn

2nd half was a strong show from Paderborn. with Buks Tunikula showing his Fijian strength and breaking the DRC Hanover defensive line to score paderborns 2nd try of the day. However the good comes with the bad. Immediately after the kick off Paderborn was shown a yellow card for illegal play at the ruck. DRC Hanover took advantage of this and played some very hard, aggressive technical rugby which lead to DRC able to get a penalty and gain a further 3 points. Score DRC Hanover 11 – 13 RFC Paderborn.

The game then started to become a matter of fitness, RFC Paderborn was able to keep the rugby heads on which lead to yet another penalty to Paderborn. Once again Josh Fergusion showed off his kicking skills by putting Paderborn a further 3 points ahead. Score DRC Hanover 11- 16 RFC Paderborn.

It wasn’t all bad for Paderborn, as our yellow card player came back on the playing field DRC Hanover were shown a yellow card. Paderborn took this advantage of having one player more than the DRC. Eventually, with some ‚ loud Friendly guidance‘ from the sideline (head coach Woody). Paderborn was able to put Jordan Adams in the corner for his 2nd try for Paderborn and 3rd try of the day. Josh Fergusion was able to covert taking the score to 23 -11 to Paderborn.

With only 10 minutes left in the game. Paderborn was aware the game could still be lost and a final try or penalty kick was needed to seal the win. However bad news for Paderborn. Super star center Phil hunz was shown a yellow card for a body check. 14 men and now 7 minutes to go. Lucky Paderborn’s fitness is what kept them in the game. Paderborn had 3 attempts of scoring a try. A simple draw and pass would of the sealed it. DRC Hanover was good to stop those 3 attempts from Paderborn 5 meters from the DRC try line. However the 4th Attempt was carried through by Merion Parsons in the last play for his 2nd try of the game. Unfortunately the conversion wasn’t successful, however the bonus point was needed in order to take 2nd position in the Bundesliga 2 North.

Final Score DRC Hanover 11 – 28 RFC Paderborn

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Match Report (FT Adler Kiel @ Home)

RFC Paderborn entered their first Bundesliga match last weekend (Saturday 3rd September 2016). It was an early start for Paderborn. With only two training sessions for the starting XV it was looking to be a touch match. The weather all day was dry and hot with the pitch conditions being very dusty and hard under foot,


The match started negatively for Paderborn with the Adler’s being very dominate in every aspect of the game. There was alot of mistakes from paderborn which lead to a total of 9 penalites towards the Adler’s. Paderborn was able to stop the Adler’s on slaught from the penatilies however the Adlier’s changed tactics and went to kick for goal which put them 3-0 ahead.

Half time was approaching when the 1st Yellow card of the game appeared to be shown towards a Paderborn player for a high tackle which the Adlers scored from. making the score 8-0 to the Adler’s. Paderborn soon replied with new scrum half Stewart Stark sprinting through the Adlier’s denfense to score Paderborn’s first try of the day and Bundesliga. This then took the score up to 8-5 to Kiel at half time.


2nd Half looked better for Paderborn. Knowing the level of experience they needed to play at in order to win was know known to them. However Kiel came out of the half time break even stronger and more determinded then the last half. This did not dampen the Paderborner’s ambition to win their first match in the Bundesliga. A foul play by Kiel gave Paderborn the chance to kick at goal increasing Paderborn points to 8-15.

The game then became a matter of fittness, With Paderborn having a very heavy British Army presents in the team. This was Paderborns advantage which Paderborn took with two hands. New winger and Man Of The Match showed off his breath taking pace on the left wing to put paderborn with in reach of winning the game. Unfortannly the Try could not be converted meaning the score stood at 15-13. The final minutes of the game was fast approaching with both teams deperate to win the ball. However a final attack from Paderborn court one of the Adler’s offside leading to a penality infront of the goal. Last play was called by the match offical. Kikiro Mario stepped up to the mark to take the penailiy. If he missed Paderborn loose the game. If he made it Paderborn win the game (No Pressure).

Kikiro Mario struck the ball and managed to get the ball over the posts making the final score 16-15 to RFC Paderborn.

We would like to thank FT Adler Kiel for making RFC Paderborn debute in the Bundesliga 2 a tough, hard, physical game. We wish them all the success in future games and of course look forward to the rematch in 6 months time in Kiel.