Game Report (25/Jun/16)

Saturday 25th June 2016 RFC Paderborn take on GRC Essen in the finals for 3rd & 4th. The weather was perfect rugby conditions. Not too wet but not too hot either. There was a light sprinkel of rain over the night before the game to soften the ground up.


Kick off at 1500, fairly even for the first 10 minutes of the game. The skill level from both teams showed well with new Fly half for RFC Paderborn, Danny Webb pulling off some perfect set play. However this was hitting a ‚brick wall‘ as the GRC Essen Defensive was strong and solid. Then the first points were score, GRC with a penality kick at goal in front of the posts. 3-0 to GRC Essen.

Straight after the restart RFC Paderborn was straight back up in GRC Essen 22. Some strong runs from Phil Hunz and Rob Thorne got RFC Paderborn to the GRC Essens 5 meter Line. However RFC Paderborn wasn’t able to turn the strong runs into points. A very strong and determind defense was able to steal the ball and make a clearance kick. GRC Essen then played a good control game plan to which the scored their final try from, Half time score 10-0 to GRC Essen.



RFC Paderborn came back in the 2nd half, Again some awersome set plays from Danny Webb, Phil Hunz, and Rob thorne making some cruical ground. RFC Paderborn kept creeping forward and forward towards the GRC Try line. It was Eddie Briggs who made the cheeky run just out side the 5 meter to score RFC Paderborn only try of the game, unfortannaly RFC Paderborn failed to convert it. score 5-10 to GRC Essen

The game was fairly match for there, with both GRC Essen and RFC Paderborn making some strong runs, some very goood defensive play as well from both teams. Unfortannaly for RFC Paderborn full time was blown and the final score was 10-5 to GRC Essen.

We would like to thank GRC Essen for the hard physical game.

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